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Brilliant is the one word for Jyotirmoy’s editing skills. I have worked on nine books with him (which have all won critical acclaim) and I loved the professionalism, logic, care, and attention to detail that JC brought.
He is pleasant to work with, fast, and yet extremely careful.
I strongly recommend him as an editor; easily one of the best in the business.


I was lucky to get Jyotirmoy as an editor when I was venturing ahead to publish my first book His Voice, which is now getting very good feedback in terms of the storytelling, emotional connect, and its subliminal messaging that has resonated with readers. I would have found it hard going if he had not been so encouraging with the first read. Thank you for your personal involvement, your effort to truly understand what the book was about, reading it like a reader, respecting the author and the spirit and approach, and not changing things to your style.


It was great to have Jyotirmoy review and edit my latest book, Inconspicuously Human. I am not exaggerating when I say that without Jyotirmoy's expert editing and targeted feedback the book wouldn't have reached the level it has achieved. At this point, although I can't comment on how well the book does, I can certainly comment on how happy and satisfied I am with the editing and final product. And all the credit for the final product goes to Jyotirmoy. Thank you for being a part of my journey

What the authors say


Jyotirmoy was prompt in his response

and gave me honest feedback;

he read the book sincerely.


Dedication and flexibility is Jyotirmoy's watchword. I was in the ninth standard and he worked around my school hours. 


Jyotirmoy’s ability to work with me, to think with me, and attentiveness to detail stands for his capabilities as an editor.


Jyotirmoy Chaudhuri was a thorough professional; prompt, dedicated,

and open-minded.


Jyotirmoy carried out crisp editing, with precise framing of sentences, and above all, understood the concept of my work.


JC was able to understand my mashed up thoughts, was flexible to work with, and turned my book into a better, final product.

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