Hemant Karkare: A Daughter's Memoir

Jyotirmoy was prompt in his response

and gave me honest feedback;

he read the book sincerely.

Mystical Man: Revenge of Orion

Dedication and flexibility is Jyotirmoy's watchword. I was in the ninth standard and he worked around my school hours. 

Risky Bodies & Techno-Intimacy

Jyotirmoy’s ability to work with me, to think with me, and attentiveness to detail stands for his capabilities as an editor.

What the authors say


Coffee Days, Champagne Nights

Jyotirmoy Chaudhuri was a thorough professional; prompt, dedicated,

and open-minded.


The Patriots' Legacy

Jyotirmoy carried out crisp editing, with precise framing of sentences, and above all, understood the concept of my work.

The Other Side

JC was able to understand my mashed up thoughts, was flexible to work with, and turned my book into a better, final product.