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About Me


Jyotirmoy Chaudhuri

Editor | Strategic Publishing Consultant 

My Philosophy

Every book has a message. A certain logic and pace, its own grand vision.

Editors help authors reveal to themselves this vision.

To this end, editors ask questions of a text, query their authors, and start a conversation:

​+ What is the authors point of view?​

​+ Is a sentence, paragraph, and a chapter effective in conveying the author's message?

​​+ Is the author facing a narrative blind spot?

​Having their work edited is an opportunity for authors and communicators to sharpen their language and elevate the impact of their work.

​Accordingly, I help my authors make qualitative and informed decisions with ideas and words; navigate their  manuscripts to finely developed books.

​As a professional editor, I am passionate about my work and hold myself accountable to the highest standards of accuracy, timeliness, and quality. And always, an assurance of integrity.


My Biograph

My engagement with books goes way back to my childhood. I went to school at a time when the internet had just about opened its gates in India. Not the easy access we have now.  

Libraries were one’s window to the world. The stacks at home, your neighbour, friends, at school. Yellowing volumes, thumbed edges, stories and time travelling. Reading was not just about information and learning, it brought faraway places closer home.

When I went to university in New Delhi, the libraries and local bookshops continued to provide sanctuary.


Over  time, the editorial world was a logical choice for work, through various formats.

I have edited at Down To Earth, Vayu Aerospace and Defence Review, the United Service Institution of India, and now through my editorial label jcEdits. ​I also develop books at AuthorsUpFront.

I have edited diverse non-fiction areas; the environment, defence and aviation, social sciences, and for five years now upcoming fiction writers.  I also enjoy working on narrative non-fiction - travel, memoir, and biography.

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